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Jon & Catherines Wedding Disco at Macdonald Compleat Angler in Marlow

Looking for a wedding disco at Macdonald Compleat Angler? Have a look at our wedding disco set up at Macdonald Compleat Angler in Marlow.

In May I met up with Jon & Catherine to discuss their wedding at the Compleat Angler in Marlow in August. The couple decided to book my evening reception dance package starting at 8pm finishing at midnight and also decided to add some background music at the entrance for the hotel as their evening and as their evening guests arrived.

Jon wanted to start the night with their first dance being Whitney Houstons I Will Always Love You.... well about 20 seconds of it and then straight into Reach by S CLUB 7! The wedding guests were a bit taken aback but then all rushed onto the dancefloor to join the happy couple. And that is pretty much where they stayed all night long!

I had a playlist of everything from 60s to 90s cheese and it all went down a storm. Seeing everyone dancing to Move On Up by Curtis Mayfield and then singing so loud to The Killers Mr Brightside really made my night! Check out the pics below!

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