Festival DJ Hire - The Non ‘Wedding DJ’ DJ Option.

If you share a love of music then you are going to be looking for something a bit different for your festival style wedding………a DJ that will guarantee a rocking night and a party atmosphere! Weather your wedding is indoors or outdoors we have a Festival Wedding DJ set up to suit your every need!

We offer a wooden rustic DJ booth for that perfect festival style look and can be used both inside or outside. Theres nothing we love more than playing outside while the sun goes down and keeping the party going under the stars! 

We take a contemporary approach to DJing. By that we mean seamless mixing and no corny chat – we think there’s no bigger party killer than the old fashioned ‘personality’ style DJ who plays terrible music in a random order and makes awful, pointless jokes over the microphone all night.



We can play all styles and genres, and always aim to work with couples to get an idea of the music you're into (and not into!). So, we’re happy to have as much or as little input from couples as you want to give us – it’s your day and we’ll play whatever you want! That said, we’re lucky enough to enjoy a great reputation and so are often booked by couples and just trusted to play what we like. And if left to our own devices, we’ll craft a set of cool, credible party classics from across the board that everyone knows and loves, just isn’t sick to the back teeth of hearing. It’s a fine line to tread but I think we tread it well!

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Because of our background in festivals and nightclubs we tend to be especially popular with couples who genuinely love music. And it does seem that festival-going types definitely seem to enjoy our style.
We do play for people who are concerned with keeping to a strict schedule and trying to ensure the day is exactly as they have planned it, which is fine and understandable, but generally the more laid-back, easy going and fun-loving the couple, the more natural the fit with this package.

Check out our Best Festival Wedding Playlist on Spotify 

If you are looking for a Wedding DJ for your Festival style wedding please contact us now for a chat. 

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