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Cool & Modern DJ set Ups

Why settle for a run-of-the-mill wedding DJ booth when you can have a set-up that truly enhances your surroundings and adds a touch of personality to your event? Instead of settling for something generic designed to blend in, dare to stand out with a DJ set up that complements and elevates the ambiance of your special day. Let your DJ set-up be a unique and memorable part of your wedding or event. Say goodbye to underwhelming, and hello to a wedding DJ booth that's as exceptional as you are.

⚡ The Starlight - available in white or black

Our most popular DJ set up fits in with virtually any venue. Comes as our standard package

Danesfield House DJ.jpg

⚡ Rustic DJ Set Up

Handmade wooden DJ booth, faux foliage and apple crates. This minimal rustic look is ideal for couples who want the DJ to bend in with their rustic venue.

⚡ Rustic & Retro

Pairing our retro dome lighting with the rustic DJ set up & milk churns. The lighting isnt too overwhelming but delivers a nice glow to the dance floor. Absolutley great for the dancing photos!

Rustic DJ Lillibrooke Manor.jpg

⚡ Rustic & Neon

If you ask us, this is the ultimate combo of rustic and cool! Our handmade DJ booths with moving head lights on apple crates and a neon sign on the front. Not only does this light up your dance floor in the evening, its great for photos and you can also choose from any of our neon signs.


Disco is making a huge comeback and what better way to glam up your party than our brand new disco set up! This comes with the neon on the front of the booth & disco balls on the floor. We can also add greenery for that perfect club tropicana vibe.

Wedding Disco.jpg

⚡ Back in Black

For more of a club style vibe. Our all black set up with any of our neon signs looks brilliant in the dark. Whether your into Beyonce or Blink182, hosting a corporate event, a wedding or birthday party. This sleek design looks top notch in any venue.

Drunk in love DJ set up.jpg

⚡ Crazy in Love

Disco balls, black DJ booth, greenery and one bad ass neon! Also available in the rustic style.

⚡ The Swifty

Taylor Swift's Love Story is definitely one of our favs to play to a packed dance floor and this is a must have set up for all you swiftys out there! Wooden DJ booth with our white milk churns, moving head lights on apple crates and uplighting. It's a love story, baby, just say, "Yes"

Taylor Swift neon sign.jpg

⚡ The Modern

We love this DJ set up! Super modern and sleek with minimal lighting. We combine this set up with uplighting around the room that changes colour to the beat of the music or can stay one static colour all night.

Modern DJ set up.jpg
Tropical house DJ.jpg

⚡ Light Up Love booth

Warm up your venue in the evening with our brand new addition! Modern and clean DJ set up with our light up love heart smack bang in the middle! Add our colour changing uplighting around your room for a elegant party vibe.

Elegant wedding DJ set up.jpg
Elegant wedding disco.jpg

With intelligent DMX lighting, we take control to the next level. With our ipad, we can tailor the lighting experience from start to finish. From setting the mood before the event to adjusting it throughout the night, our full control ensures your venue's ambiance is always on point. This means your photos will shine beautifully, capturing the essence of the evening flawlessly. We value the importance of lighting, and that's why we always discuss it ahead of time and coordinate with your photographer on the big day.


Our Wedding DJ rigs and set ups effortlessly complement any venue, whether it's a charming rustic barn or a trendy industrial space. Our stylish wedding discos are not just about spinning tunes but also creating a stunning backdrop for your evening reception photos.


At Signature Moments, our open format DJ service is a game-changer! We don't limit ourselves to one genre; instead, we are well-versed in all musical styles to cater to your specific tastes. Be it disco, pop, rock, indie rock, pop punk, dance, house, R&B, hip hop, or a blast from the past with 70's, 80's, or Motown hits, we have it all in our musical arsenal. Your party's soundtrack will be as unique as you are, tailored to create the perfect vibe for you and your guests.

Crazy in Love DJ booth with uplighting
DJ & Sax Oxford
Surrey Wedding DJ
London Christmas Party DJ
Alternative wedding DJs


The rustic DJ set up
Wedding DJ at Five Arrows Hotel
The Crown And Thistle Abingdon Disco
DJ at Danesfield House
The London Wedding Disco
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