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Your initials in lights!  We design you a stunning initials heart neon for your wedding day

Personalised Heart neon wedding signs

personalised heart neon sign.png

Personalised initial heart neon signs

These look great at your wedding breakfast, they make a fantastic backdrop for a photo wall, or as people arrive at your reception venue. The sign could also be moved and relocated to your dance floor area, providing a great backdrop prop for all those fun dancing photos you hope to capture.

How long do your neons last?

Our eco-friendly LED neon signs are smartly designed to last at least 50,000 hours! Seated on a clear acrylic backboard this sign connects to a 2-meter clear power cord. A powerful power bank with a plug makes it durable for years. 

Can we hang this on a wall as well as a stand?

All signs come with pre drilled holes, screws and fixings. Everything you need to hang them from your living room wall or bedroom after your wedding day.

How long do they take to arrive?

Depending on the size of your sign it will usually take us around 3-4 weeks.

How much do they cost?

50cm x 49cm - £210

60cm x 58cm - £280

80cm x 79cm - £380

100cm x 99cm - £490

120cm x 120cm - £790

Depending on the size of your sign it will usually take us around 3-4 weeks.

If you are looking for a custom neon heart sign please contact us here

Heart neon sign
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​Why choose us for buying custom-made LED Neon Signs?

Any LED neon sign from us is handmade to perfection using LED neon tubes that are safe, affordable and environment friendly. Some of the major reasons why you should go with us for custom-made LED neon signs are as follows:

  • All our items come with a year-long manufacturer warranty which covers all manufacturing defects.

  • Our products are made using durable neon flex technology, which is much stronger and longer-lasting than regular glass neon.

  • All our products are highly energy-efficient, environment-friendly, and have greater longevity than any other comparable product on the market.

  • Our LED signs are made from neon LED tubes that are 100% safe, even for children. We don’t use any breakable glass, and the LED lights don’t heat up and are safe to touch.

  • The neon lights are extremely easy to install and come with convenient holes for easy hanging and wall mounting.

  • The lightweight and portable nature of our products make them ideal gifting ideas.

  • If needed we can also supply a remote control that can be used to control the light brightness and flashing speeds.


What are your neon signs made of?

Unlike traditional glass neon, all our neon products are made from advanced LED flex. Since LED flex is made with PVC and acrylic, they are durable and long-lasting. Each light is encased in flexible rubber tubing, and powered by LEDs.

Every LED flex product from sculpt neon is affordable, economical, and safer than traditional glass neon signs. At the same time, they provide a visual dazzle that’s better than glass neon signs.

So they are totally safe, right?

Since all our signs are made from LED flex, there’s zero use of glass in our products. This prevents overheating, and ensures that the products are all energy efficient, and environment friendly. At the same time they are lighter, more durable and highly portable. Also, all our products come with a PAT certification meaning you can use at your wedding venue without any hassle.

Can The Neon Light I Purchased Be Used Outdoors?

While our standard neon lights are made for indoor use, they can be easily used for outdoor events and parties. The only thing you have to take care of is ensuring that they don’t get wet, since our standard signs are not waterproof.

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