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Sophie & Ryans Wedding at Huntsmill Farm in Buckinghamshire

The beginning of June bought us some beautiful weather and we were headed off to Huntsmill Farm in Buckingham to DJ for Sophie & Ryans wedding. Surrounded by the Buckinghamshire countryside Huntsmill Farm looked amazing as we pulled up into the drive. Sophie was (as you can imagine) easy to spot and looked so relaxed just chilling on one of the venues deck chairs and laughing with friends. I introduced myself and when the wedding party moved into the venue for speeches I set up my equipment in the newly converted barn.

Huntsmill Farm Wedding Venue

Power points in the exact places I needed them and a very helpful Harry made setting up super easy (apart from the heat!). There is also a built in p.a system so bands and DJs can just plug into the socket on the wall and do not need to bring their own speakers. I always do bring my own as you never know what kind of condition the venues equipment is in and the last thing you need is a speaker going down on you at the first dance! Luckily this system is one of the best I've seen in a venue, its good quality and Harry monitors the sound levels so I'm sure even this time next year they will be as good as new.

We started the evening off with Ed Sheerans 'Kiss Me' for Sophie & Ryans first dance and then into some tracks that never fail getting the dancefloor going! It was a great evening and everyone had a smile on their face.

There are a few things that make a venue really good to DJ in and these had them all.

1, A bar near the dancefloor - When venues have a bar in a separate room to the DJ, people (usually the men) tend to stay as near the beer as possible and its usually always harder to get these involved with the party.

2, Acoustics of this venue are just perfect - If you have a smaller wedding, you can easily close the doors to the main barn making the venue smaller and more of a atmosphere. We had the doors wide open as this was quite a large party.

3, Staff who are always on hand - Harry who was running the evening was always around to answer guests and my questions. I know this may sound obvious but staff who are happy to help make wedding suppliers jobs much easier and make the night run smoothly.

Huntsmill Farm Wedding

Sophie and Ryan booked our Evening Reception Dance package and we went for the starcloth DJ booth with 2 moving head lights and a overhead ADJ lighting effect. We didn't need to supply Huntsmill Farm with uplighting as the bride and groom had giant MR & MRS letters that lit up the barn.

If you are looking for a wedding venue in Buckinghamshire I highly recommend contacting Hunstmill Farm to arrange a viewing and also contacting me if you are looking for a DJ!

Kai Stafford - SM Discos

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