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Wedding DJ & Events DJs for Cooling Castle Barn in Kent

Wedding DJ & Event DJs for Cooling Castle Barn in Kent

Here at Signature Moments we take a contemporary approach to DJing. By that we mean seamless mixing and no corny chat – we think there’s no bigger party killer than the old fashioned ‘personality’ style DJ who plays terrible music in a random order and makes awful, pointless jokes over the microphone all night.

We provide:

We concentrate on:

  • Mixing seamlessly and no cheesy mic chat

  • Using great-looking and sounding kit, and no tacky looking set-ups

  • Providing a friendly, relaxed, and straightforward service from beginning to end

Contact us for a chat about your wedding at Cooling Castle Barn

Signature Moments DJ
Signature Moments
Signature Moments DJ
Kent magic mirror photo booth
happily ever after neon wedding sign
Signature Moments DJ
Signature Moments DJ
rustic Love Letters

Cooling Castle Barn, Cooling Castle, Cooling, Rochester ME3 8DT

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