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MARRY ME - Giant light up letter hire

MARRY ME light up letter hire

Standing at 4ft tall these make a huge statement!

Our MARRY ME letters offer fantastic photo opportunities as well as great mood lighting.

They also make a stunning backdrop for your proposal and can transform any space.


marry me letter hire
marry me letters


When should I book?

Our letters are very popular!  We recommend booking 6-12 months in advance of your event to avoid disappointment.

How much space do I need?

We recommend that you allow a width of 4ft for each letter. By allowing 4ft for each letter this will allow for spacing of the letters.  Our letters are approx 25cm deep and we recommend that they are placed against a wall rather than in the middle of the room due to the trip hazard of the power cables.  Remember that our letters can be ‘staggered’ so if your space is tight we might be able to fit your requested letters in if we stack them ie place one slightly in front of the other.


Can the lights be used outdoors?

No – our lights are professionally built by master craftsmen to a commercial standard and require mains electricity; as such our lights are fully PAT tested and certified.  We cannot recommend the use of our lights outdoors as this represents a safety hazard and leaves both you and us un-insured.

Our venue has insisted that the lights are insured?

Most wedding venues will have both the enjoyment and safety of you and your guests at heart and as such they are perfectly right to raise the question of insurance. We have full public liability insurance up to 2 million pounds; this covers ourselves, you and your venue in the very unlikely event that a fault with one of our lights causes damage or injury.

Our venue has a strict policy of when you can deliver and remove

We will contact the venue prior to your event to establish their requirements and will work directly with your venue to ensure these requirements are met.  

Where do you deliver?

We are based in Marlow, Buckinghamshire and deliver to Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey, London, Kent and Hertfordshire

How long does my hire last?

We work with your venue and normally deliver in the morning of your event day and collect the following morning.  Longer periods of hire are available

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