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You may want to keep this away from your future husband!

When it comes to weddings, there are a million difficult decisions to make. For people who love food, choosing a menu and the perfect cake can be the hardest and most important one of all. In the midst of planning, what all the guests will be eating at your wedding can feel like a choice as important as who you’ll actually be marrying, but it doesn’t have to be that stressful. If you ever find yourself hyperventilating at a cake tasting, take a second to remember that everything will be fine if you just choose foods you and your partner love. It doesn’t have to be fancy, or trendy, or dusted in gold, if it just has to taste good to the two of you. How do we know? Jess Melara and Tony Sanchez’s wedding cake is proof.

Wedding cake pizza

Huffington Post reports that Melara and Sanchez were married back in December, and for the most part, their wedding was pretty traditional. The bride wore a lovely white dress, and the groom looked dashing in a tux, but one key element of the reception was totally unexpected. Instead of having a classic three-tiered white wedding cake adorned with flowers and pearls, the couple cut into four tiers of pepperoni pizza. Lucky for us, photographer Todd Good captured the pizza cake in all its cheesy glory.

Best wedding cake ever?!

The bride told the blog called Wedding Chicks that the "pizza cake" was her favorite part of the wedding, which makes sense because it's very unique — also because pizza is the highlight of most nights. In her interview with the blog, Melara said, "Tony and I love pizza and aren’t huge fans of cake, so we surprised our guests with Pizza Cake (yes, I said pizza cake!). It was saucy and delicious and what pizza dreams are made of." Hard to argue with that.

As different as the reception centerpiece was, it did keep with tradition in one small way. The pizza cake was topped with a wedding cake topper. A bride and groom figurine sat in the melted cheese and sauce on the very top tier of pizza, cute as could be. Not only was the pizza cake fun, charming, and tasty, it was also exactly what the bride and groom wanted, and what's better than that?

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