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Winters Tale Country Barn Wedding DJ

We had such a great night DJing for Michelle and Richard at Winters Tale Country Barn. Michelle booked our rustic wedding DJ set up and blue uplighting. Richard and Michelle actually got married a few months ago in Australia and this was more of a family get together than wedding reception.

We played a mix of modern chart hits (Ed Sheeran, Dance Monkey The Weekend etc) and then went into a few RnB tracks and hits from 2000 finishing with an eclectic mix of wedding DJ classics!

Winters tale country barn
Winters Tale Country Barn DJ

Winters Tale Country Barn is a new wedding venue located in North Buckinghamshire close to Bicester. The barn has built in uplighting in the beamed ceiling and comes with 2 bars and a snug area. This really is a great wedding venue and definitely worth a look if you are planning a wedding in Bucks or Oxford. If you are looking for a wedding DJ or event DJ at Winters Tale Country Barn please contact us for a chat, You can call me anytime on 07583 056737 or email me at

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