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Light Up Your Day With Neon Wedding Signs

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Neon wedding signs are the latest lighting trend around and if you want your wedding to REALLY stand out, you need to know about them right now!

Over the last few years, wedding signs have become really popular. Used as welcome signs, decorations or simply as ways to tell guests what’s what and where to go, signage has become a wedding staple.

But, neon signs take signage to a whole new level. Bolder, brighter and absolutely unmissable, neon lights will absolutely electrify your wedding décor.

Neon wedding sign hire Oxfordshire

These are available to hire from us right now! We have a few different styles and sizes to choose from and are always adding to our collection. We arrive the morning of your wedding to install and then collect the following day. We can hang your sign from the wall (as long as the venue are cool with that!) or we can hang the sign from our hanging rails or grid walls. These can be placed anywhere in your venue but the nearer a plug socket the better!

Neon Wedding Sign Hire - available designs

Til Death

Better Together

A Simple Love Heart Outline (these look great on rough bare brick)

Til Death Do Us Party

Crazy In Love

Happily Ever After

Neon wedding sign hire Buckinghamshire

Neon wedding sign hire Windsor

Neon wedding sign hire Berkshire

Crazy In Love Neon Sign Hire

Neon Sign UK Hire

To add one of our Neon Wedding Signs to your existing Wedding DJ package or for a new enquiry please contact us for a quote

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