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Enola Gaye Smoke Grenades are a great way to add fun and edgy photos to your wedding or event

Smoke Bomb Grenades for Weddings & Corporate Events

Smoke bombs for your Wedding

If there's one trend that's the bomb (literally) in weddings right now, it's smoke bombs. These fun props take off in gorgeous clouds of color, creating a dreamy backdrop that's completely ethereal. Not only do they put on an epic show that promises to make your wedding photos unforgettable, but they also offer a playful way to add a nontraditional and unexpected element to your wedding, bringing it alive with a burst of color.


How to use your smoke bombs

Make sure everyone who is responsible for holding the smoke grenade is comfortable and ready! They last about 60-90 seconds, so you may want to buy a few to ensure you get it right. And if you've opted for several different colours, make sure everyone is standing in the correct position.

We think laying smoke bombs on the floor and letting them fill your backdrop looks just as incredible. You can choose a coloured smoke bomb to add contrast to the natural surroundings or enhance it with complementing colours.

Be adventurous when you use your smoke bombs. Whilst the most popular choice is to gather your wedding party and stand in a line, Samantha and Tom held theirs out the side windows of their vintage mustang wedding car and the results are killer! We'd love to see them used on bikes with sidecars, boats and buses too. Make sure you tell your photographer well in advance if you’re planning on using our smoke bombs. They can help you prepare and suggest the best places to do photos with them

Are the smoke bombs safe?

Smoke bombs are considered a firework so there are lots of safety precautions and measures you need to take into consideration. Be aware of your surroundings, are there high winds? Is the area highly flammable or crowded? You'll need to make sure you are in a well-ventilated area to avoid inhaling too much smoke, and you have appropriate measures to extinguish the grenade once it's been used (metal buckets are perfect). Our smoke bombs fire non-toxic smoke and have a fully biodegradable body.

What we have in stock

We are an official supplier for Enola Gaye and absolutley love the WP40. These pump out around 90 seconds of smoke so it gives you more time to get those photos exactly the way the photographer needs. We always recommend buying a few extra than you need. They come in 9 colours and we currently stock white, orange, yellow, red, blue, green, purple, pink & black. The cost for each unit is £9.00 (not inc local delivery).

  • Despite being small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, the WP40 emits a substantial plume of vibrant smoke over 90 seconds.

  • The unparalleled color intensity is what sets us apart from the rest and makes EG products unique. The WP40 comes in nine colors.

  • EG started the smoke effect industry back in mid-90s, and our UK-based pyrotechnic development has remained unrivalled ever since.

  • Enola Gaye products have passed strict government tests in the USA and Canada, and are CE approved in Europe.

  • Anyone over the age of 18 can use the WP40, no training needed. Simply pull the ring out of the side and the smoke will start to flow.

  • EG smoke bombs are developed with user safety at the fore, and all of our smoke is non-toxic. The unit also has a fully biodegradable body.



How do we order?

At the moment we only offer local pick up from either our base in Aylesbury or Marlow (both in Buckinghamshire) or we can deliver locally. If you have an event booked with us, you can just add these to your booking.

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Wind is the biggest factor when it comes to getting a great coloured smoke backdrop for any photo shoot. Breezy can heighten the effect, which also quickly disperses the smoke for other photo opportunities. Strong wind usually hinders the effect for obvious reasons, whereas no wind is perfect allowing you to shape the smoke cloud to your desire.

Moisture, temperature and how open the space is also make big differences to your shoot. Cold temperatures can keep the smoke cloud hanging low for longer whereas warm air temperatures can send the smoke higher in the air. We of course do not advise you use our products in confirmed spaces and never indoors, and wooded areas or between buildings will slow the dispersal of the smoke effect, all worth considering before you start your shoot.

Depending on how you envisage your photoshoot to come out, there are many different styles to using wedding smoke bombs. Here is the important stuff you need to read before ordering.

  1. TEST IT FIRST. We recommend that you trial the smoke before your big day. Test them in an open space (not in public) or at the venue to give yourself an idea of what to expect. If this is not possible, we have many YouTube videos that show exactly how the smoke effect works.

  2. IT’S A PYROTECHNIC. All smoke effects, smoke grenades, smoke bombs or pellets are pyrotechnics, which means they give off smoke by burning a composition. All Enola Gaye smoke products keep the composition inside a protective tube, but it is still a composition burning inside and sparks can be emitted, so be very careful around sensitive materials such as wedding dresses. When igniting a smoke bomb always point it away from you and always expect sparks.

  3. ALWAYS READ THE INSTRUCTIONS. As simple as that. Everything you need to know about the product is written on the side of the product. The EG25 which is sold as a box of 10 products has the instructions in the box on a separate piece of paper, these should not be sold or given out separately.

  4. AVOID INHALATION. It’s smoke, try to avoid inhalation or certainly excessive inhalation. We build all of our smoke products with non-toxic compositions. Use the products in areas where people can easily walk away from the effect. This is rule number 1. If you choose to let off smoke bombs, ensure that other people can avoid the smoke if they desire.

  5. SMOKE CAN STAIN. Half of the composition in our smoke products is made up from coloured dyes. Given that this is emitted as smoke, staining can occur at close range. If you are the bride wearing your wedding dress and you are holding or igniting a coloured smoke product, you stand every chance of some staining. Many people get away with it or they are not worried by this, however you have been warned. Used as a backdrop several meters away from, you will create an awesome effect without the worry of staining.

  6. YOU CAN’T PUT IT OUT. We design our smoke effects so that the correct amount of smoke is produced for the given time. If you want a small effect for just 30 seconds, use our EG25. A WP40 produces the perfect amount of smoke for wedding photoshoots and delivers it over approximately 90 seconds. The EG18 is also 90 seconds of smoke, but produces a much denser cloud. If you want to stop the smoke coming out, you simply can’t. Once it’s ignited the only way it will stop is once it has burnt all of the composition inside the smoke tube. Even submerging it in water will not put it out, it’s like magic.

  7. PULL THE RING SIDEWAYS. Because you’re not going to read the instructions as no one ever seems too. You need to pull the ring sideways NOT upwards. Upwards may cause the wire to snap and then you’re going to blame the product. And while you’re reading this and not the instructions, we recommend that you wear gloves and eye protection when handling pyrotechnics. Sure no one ever does, and Instagram is full of people holding our smoke, but you have been told and what you do is now your responsibility.

  8. MAKE SURE YOU USE OFFICIAL ENOLA GAYE SMOKE PRODUCTS. With the growing popularity of coloured smoke at events such as wedding and gender reveal parties, make sure you use products that have been registered, tested and classified in your country of use. In the UK and Europe, Enola Gaye products are tested under CE and pass strict quality controls. In Canada and the USA likewise, Enola Gaye products pass strict testing by the government and are passed and legal to use.


That’s about it. If you read the instructions on the side of the label you have all the training you need to use it. Please use responsibly and have a great day.

How to nail your wedding photos of Smoke Bombs


  1. Don’t look back at the smoke/ or look scared by it – remember, cool guys don’t look at explosions! (Click the link for some youtube inspo.)

  2. Decide if you want to hold them or have them in the background

  3. Pick a dark or sheltered background so the smoke doesn’t dissipate

  4. Have fun with them! They last 60-90 seconds!

  5. Buy a few so you can have a few goes with them.

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